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Information for our guests

In normal use of goods there is a risk of damage or breakage, that comes at our risk. Other damage to B & B Velo-Droom property will be charged to the guest. If damage has occurred, please report this immediately.
We bear no responsibility for loss of items, accident, personal injury, medical costs or damage to your goods caused by personal inattention or due to circumstances beyond our control.

In the bathroom you will find toilet, shower and washstand dressing table. The bathroom is equipped with a fan that switches off according to the standard 10 minutes after switching off the main lighting in which it is connected. For nightly toilet visits, you may find that too long and in that case we advise to switch on only the lighting of the toilet unit at night.

If you stay more than 5 days, the bedsheets will be changed after 3 days.

Payment is only possible in cash before departure or transferred on the day before departure.

Outdoor lamp
The terrace has an outdoor light, which you switch from your room.

Bicycle storage
If you bring your own bikes, you can park them on the terrace. We recommend to lock the bikes, but they are covered.

Bike rental
In Otterlo there are various providers of bicycle rental. You can also find other options such as tandems, scooters, solex, balance bikes, electric bikes in the village.
Geerts Tweewielers - Dorpsstraat 2c
Veluwe Specialist - Edeseweg 1
If you visit the Hoge Veluwe for a day, white bicycles are available at the Otterlo entrance. You can use them for free, within the boundaries of the park. There are also white bicycle parking facilities at the Hoenderloo entrance, Schaarsbergen entrance, at the center area and next to the museum Kröller Müller.

In your room you will find various leaflets about the Veluwe. These are not meant to be taken away.

Towels can be found in the bathroom cabinet and on the towels heating. If you put the towels in the towel basket after use, we will replace them.

The restaurant facilities in Otterlo and the immediate surroundings are excellent. For every taste and various prices. Especially on weekends it is advisable to make a reservation. Some restaurants are closed on Monday and others on Wednesday, so those are also days to check on availability.
Zuiderzand, Mosselsepad 70
Boerderij Waldhoorn, Dorpsstraat 2
Cepes (higher price range, but excellent) Houtkampweg 1
Het Smulhuus (cheap, pancakes and plate service) Harskamperweg 6
Wever Lodge, Onderlangs
Eetcafé Driester (plateservice), Kerklaan 13
Wallies (frying and icecream), Dorpsstraat 2
Ijs van Co (with 1 taste of ice cream, delicious), Hoenderloo
Chinese restaurant Golden Dynasty, Harskamp
Gouden Leeuw, Harskamp
Several restaurants, Hoog Soeren

On the terrace you’ll find a hottub. You can use this hottub during the weekend or on Wednesday of Friday or on other days after 19.00 h. The hottub is available on reservation, 24 h in advance. If you let us know what time you want it to be ready, we’ll make sure it’s comfortably warm. Bathrobes and extra towels will be made  available in your room and we will serve extra lemon and/or mint water. Additional costs for using the hottub is € 39,50.

Pets are not allowed in B & B Velo-Droom.

In the village church in Otterlo there are 2 church services on Sunday, at 9:30 am and 7:00 pm. It is a PKN municipality. In Harskamp several churches and municipalities (Reformed Church, Restored Reformed Church) are also warmly welcomed in the white church in Schaarsbergen.

In the room you will also find a mini fridge. You can cool your own products there. In the refrigerator you will also find some products that you can use for a fee.
Wine € 4,00 per (small) bottle
Prosecco € 4,00 per (small) bottle
Kwarmemont beer € 3,50
Beer € 2,00 without alcohol
Soft drink € 1,50 

Coffee and tea
You will find a Nespresso coffee machine and kettle in your room. Cups and tea glasses you have used can be handed in for washing together with the dishes from the breakfast.

- Ede: Monday and Saturday
- Apeldoorn: Saturday
- Arnhem: on Friday, Saturday and on the first Sunday of the month, Sonsbeekpark has the Sonsbeekmarkt: a mix between a local market and a theatrical outdoor festival
- Wageningen: Wednesday and Saturday
- Bennekom: Friday

Medical care
A general practitioner is located in the village, Dr. Morret Eikenzoom 9 - 0318 591 200
Dentist in Otterlo Arnhemseweg 25 - 0318 769 180
There are 3 hospitals in the region:
Ede: Gelderse Vallei. Willy Brandtlaan 10 - 0318 434 343
Arnhem: Rijnstate hospital, Wagnerlaan 55 - 088 005 8888
Apeldoorn: Gelre Hospital Albert Schweitzerlaan 31 - 055 581 8181

Non smoking
The entire B & B Velo-Dream is not smoking. Also not outside on the terrace.

Breakfast is in the room between 7.00 and 9.30 am. Breakfast is incl. fresh rolls from 08.15 h. We put the trolley with breakfast ready for you in the hall in front of the room at the desired moment. If you wish, you can of course also have breakfast on the garden terrace.

B & B Velo-Droom offers a standard Dutch breakfast. On request we can also offer a full vegetarian selection. We naturally want to take into account possible allergies. We would appreciate it if you report this in advance.

We are not equipped to offer kosher, hallal or vegan breakfast. In that case you can of course bring your products yourself. In that case there is no discount on the overnight stay.

Public transport
From Otterlo you can take the bus to:
Arnhem-Barneveld line 105 (Onderlangs station is the closest)
Park Hoge Veluwe line 106
Ede - Apeldoorn line 108 (stop roundabout Otterlo, or via Halte Onderlangs with a changeover at the Otterlo roundabout)

You can park your car in the driveway of our premises or on the street in front of our location. If you go to the village by car, you must use a parking disc. The maximum parking time there is 2 hours. This prevents the guests from parking their cars in the main street in the morning and leaving them there all day, so that people who want to go shopping do not have the opportunity to use their car.

Cash dispenser
You can make a cash withdrawel at the cash dispenser that you will find in the Spar on the Dorpsstraat in Otterlo. Outside of the opening hours of the Spar, you can find a cash dispenser in Harskamp, Edeseweg 141a (at the medical center, former office Rabobank)

The room of B & B Velo-Droom is cleaned every day, between 12.00 and 13.00 h. If you stay in the room all day, a moment for cleaning will be arranged.

To see and do
The range of interesting and beautiful things to do is enormous.
At the store "Novy the vakman" you will find a large folder rack of activities and maps of the area. Cards you can find on the information folder can be used. We ask you if you want to leave them in the state in which you found them for the next guests.

Tips for a visit are:
National park Hoge Veluwe containing the Kröller Müller museum of contemporary art, with a large collection of Van Gogh's and a special sculpture garden.
Bicycles. There is an extensive network of bicycle nodes, but also simply taking the paths that seem nice to you, guarantees a beautiful experience.
Cycling to Radio Kootwijk (building not open for visitors).
Cycling to the Posbank.
Tile Museum: a small museum, but oh, so cute.
Passiflora farm: a nice private activity with a beautiful butterfly garden.
Open air museum in Arnhem, for taking a look in our history.
Kijk en luister (Look and listen) museum in Bennekom.
Apenheul in Apeldoorn.
Center of the Netherlands in the Lunterse forest.
Various farm shops.  Van de Blaak in Wekerom, Stroese lady in Stroe, Ecofields in Wekerom, Remeker in Ederveen, Brandrood in Ede.
Last week of August the Heideweek in Ede, with lots of fun events.

Television channels
For the television you need 2 remote controls. With the black you turn the television on and off and you switch the sound. The transmitter is selected via the white remote control. Via the menu button on the white remote control you get an overview of all available channels.
You can also listen to radio through the TV.

You have access to a private protected area of the garden. Beyond the separation of the garden is the private part.

Everything comes to an end…. On the day of departure, the check-out time is 11.00 h am at the latest. With multiple days stay, if available, check-out until 17.00 is possible. The costs are € 17,50.

In the event of early departure, no refund will be made of the rate agreed upon with the reservation.

Do you have a question and are not we at home? Please call us on +31 06 57 54 70 79 or +31 06 23 37 12 25.

In B & B Velo-Dream you have WIFI. The code of the WIFI is: gastBBVelo-droom

In Otterlo there are a few shops in the Dorpsstraat: a Spar, Elbertsen and Novy the vakman for various things that may be missing. There is also a bicycle shop, a butcher and 2 barber shops. New is Lokaal 17, with all sorts of nice products and gifts. For drugstore items you can go to the Spar, or in Harskamp at the Plus or at the DIO drugstore.

Summer on the Veluwe
In the summer months there are many evening markets on the Veluwe. Fun and busy.

Swimming: In the summer there is a Bosbad in Lunteren, 10 km cycling distance.

About Otterlo
Otterlo is a village in the Dutch municipality of Ede, province Gelderland. The village and the surrounding area has about 2,500 inhabitants.

On 1 January 1812, Otterlo was separated from Ede as an independent municipality. The villages Deelen and Harskamp and the hamlets Eschoten, Hoog-Baarlo, Mossel, Nieuw-Reemst, Oud-Reemst and Westeneng (near Harskamp) also fell under this municipality. At the Land Registry this area is still known as the cadastral municipality of Otterlo. On the first of January 1818, the municipality was again added to Ede. In 2005, the 1150-year anniversary of the village of Otterlo was celebrated.

The National Park De Hoge Veluwe is close to Otterlo. In Otterlo there is one of the entrances to this park. The Kröller-Müller Museum in the park, named after Helene Kröller-Müller, has the second largest collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh, as well as a renowned collection of sculptures in the Sculpture Park of the Kröller-Müller Museum. in the National Park is also the Museonder. In addition, the Dutch Tile Museum is located in Otterlo. The Red Cross monument on the Harskamperweg recalls the massive evacuations following the failure of the Operation Market Garden in 1944, which happened near by.

Along the Planken Wambuisweg in the direction of Ede is the Uitkijkpunt Valenberg.

Reformed church (Otterlo)
Built in first entry 1215
Restoration (s) 1968 1973
Monumental status National monument Brick building material

The Church of the village of Otterlo in the Dutch province of Gelderland is owned by the Dutch Reformed Municipality of Otterlo (PKN) and is used weekly for church services. In 1215 there was already a church building in Otterlo. In that year there was talk of the Kerspel Otterlo. From 1580, the area in which Otterlo is situated became Protestant as a result of the Reformation and the church received its own minister. Since 1811 there is a local church council.

The building has a Roman base construction. The choir is late gothic and the tower dates from around 1500. Between 1968 and 1973 a radical restoration took place whereby the church was restored in the style of around 1580.

The organ in the church was delivered in 1896 by W. van Rossum. He was organist and carillonneur in Schoonhoven. However, it is unclear who the builder of the instrument is. In 1974 the organ was extended by Bernhard Koch from Apeldoorn.

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